Friday, November 21, 2008

Hillary as Sec. of State

Hillary will likely make a good ambassador-type Sec. of St. State is a hugh bureaucracy, and the reports are that Condi Rice has not been an effective administrator.Hillary's resume is weak on big administrative experience. She's been a lawyer, coordinator of task forces, and administrator of a Senate office. She directed a Pres. campaign that had many problems. None of this really qualifies to run a large bureaucracy. Watch who the asst. secretaries are and who appoints them..will it be Obama and the WH or will Hillary have the auhority to appoint her asst. secretaries?Who will be the national security council director? and will this person undercut Hillary?In so far as we know Hillary's foreign policy stands, she appears to be hawkish on Iraq, Iran and Russia.Will she work in partnership with Obama, or will there be clashes? And if so, could Obama really fire her? Probably not. He would tend to ignore her, work around her with the nat. security council director and asst. secretaries in State.

Professor Patricia DeGennaro develops a strong brief against Hillary as Sec.St.Excerpts from the brief:--------------------------She supported the Iraq war, he is against it. Clinton was unapologetic about voting for the war despite pleas from her own constituency to admit it was a mistake. Alternatively, she took a hard stance and further disagreed with Obama's idea of withdrawal.
Under no circumstances does Clinton want to speak with Iran. Obama, on the other hand, stated that he felt speaking to Iran was a requirement for getting them past their nuclear weapons ambitions. Her policy ironically is to use ours on them if they did not submit to US demands.
Further, Clinton has said nothing of changing policy toward Afghanistan and Pakistan, two issues that were central to Obama's foreign policy platform. Nor has she commented on how to move beyond either war toward a more sustainable peace.
She has shown through her own statements that she is definitely more hawkish than he is. I wonder if she can stand down when he says so.
Appointing Clinton Secretary of State is not what the US needs especially when it is trying to repair its relationships in the world, end two wars and get the Middle East peace process back on track.