Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama's blackberry

Obama gets to keep his BlackBerry)Good, although he needs to limit his texting to a small number of people.Reports from Obama's WH staff suggest that the Bush WH was a technological disaster...outdated computers, and software, broken telephone lines etc.Perhaps in the technogical lexicon, Bush Jr. was a dork.A geek, like Obama, is techo. savy and socially sophisicated.A nerd is techo. savy, but lacking in social skills.A dork has no techo. savy, or social graces.*****************James Taylor is reported to be going to give the girl in NYC a new IPhone. This is the girl who was ordered to give a taxi driver her ipod when her credit card payment collapsed. Kudos to Mr. James. Enjoyed his participation at the Lincoln mem. concert. The IPhone will have all of Taylor's tunes..hey, its worth it.****************Obama has ordered Gitmo. to close. Kudos to him. It signals a repudiation of Bush Jr.'s terror fighting unconstitutional tatics. It can also lead to the unfreezing of our relationship with Cuba. With Gitmo. closing, we will have to put Bush Jr., Cheney and other neo-cons. somewhere else.