Sunday, February 21, 2010

Glenn Beck and CPAC

Glenn Beck and CPAC
The great visual comedian, Sid Ceaser, had a character called “'The Professor', a know-nothing who thought he was a know-it-all.."
The Professor wore a university graduation cap backwards, and spewed out gibberish to the questions asked by Carl Reiner.
The modern Professor, Glenn Beck, spewed his gibberish, meandering, nonsense to the CPAC neophytes in their finale yesterday.
Beck had his ubiquiouus blackboard, but lacked his graduation cap.
Beck described the low point in his life...a time when he lost his family,house,job and sanity. This was when he would curl into a fetal postion in a one room apartment, besotted with the deamon rum (or other deamons).
His recovery was not through a 12-step recovery group. Instead, he had an epiphany,when he saw images of the Lady Liberty, the Declaration of Independence, and Adam Smith's market capitalism.
In between his blackboard gibberish scribblings, Beck called for a purified GOP guided by the small-government nostrums of Harding, Coolidge and Reagan.
As he wiped the sweat from his brow, Beck called for the CPACers to purge the RINOS and slay the progressive/ liberal predators.
Beck is a dangerous demigod.
The progressive,liberal,populist community should unite, get out of their political fetal position, and take on this silly Professor.Read more: