Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Carl he alright in the head?

“New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino: “I’m not intimidatable. I’m not politically correct. I’m an outsider. I plan on really restructuring our government. I plan on taking out these bad guys. And Andrew Cuomo’s at the top of the list. He’s a despicable character, he’s an angry man, he’s got an ego that’s bigger than this city, he’s got an arrogance about him — he wants to be President of the United States. He made a bad decision running for governor of the state of New York because we’re going to vet him out to the people. We’re going to show the people what a despicable character he is.”
Having these two stand together on the same stage will be the ninth wonder of the world.

Is Paladino ok in the head?
He should go to and sign the coffee party pledge of civility.(

And he should read Tom Friedman’s NYT column this am.
He says the tea party is a tea kettle that is just letting out steam…it doesn’t attempt to deal with the real issues for our future.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Welcome to Boehner Land. The land of big money,open lobbying,jet rides,and cigarettes.

John Boehner wants to return to the Speaker position in the House.
All the prosnosticators say it likely will happen. U.of Vir.Larry Sabato (a GOP leaner);the Cook Report;and my graduate school friend,Stuart Rothenberg, and others all see a tsunami wave washing over Congress in Nov. The above seers all see the GOP taking 35-60 seats in the House. 39 are needed to flip to the GOP.

The NYT's front page story today describes Boehner as a corporate lobbys best friend..big check contributions,jet rides,open access for the corporate,Chamber of Commerce, agenda. It is similiar to the Tom DeLay K Street machine.

So how is Boehner different than any Congressional pol,and the lobbyists that buy them?

Well,as a liberal progressive, it is different? The agenda that Boehner and his GOP caucus will promote is reactionary. It is NO,NO,NO to any policies that are opposed to the corporate agenda.
It is moving back to policies of de-regulation,low taxes,and repeal of health care, financial,and energy reform.

It will bring to real power Boehner's young guns..the really rightwing bomb throwers in his caucus, the Paul Ryans and Eric Cantors.

I like to say that when Boehner goes out fundraising and campaigning, he tells people that his GOP caucus is a good American diverse group...a group of diverse white men and women,who also are members of a diverse group of country clubs.

And Boehner has responded to the NYT article. Second link below.