Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pat Buchanan's list of Obama horrors

The tribalist Pat Buchanan lists the horrors of the first 100 days of Obama Presidency and Dem. Congress:
“…..Specifically, we can almost surely expect:
– Swift amnesty for 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens and a drive to make them citizens and register them, as in the Bill Clinton years. This will mean that Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona will soon move out of reach for GOP presidential candidates, as has California.
– Border security will go on the backburner, and America will have a virtual open border with a Mexico of 110 million.
– Taxes will be raised on the top 5 percent of wage-earners, who now carry 60 percent of the U.S. income tax burden, and tens of millions of checks will be sent out to the 40 percent of wage-earners who pay no federal income tax. Like the man said, redistribute the wealth, spread it around.
– Social Security taxes will be raised on the most successful among us, and capital gains taxes will be raised from 15 percent to 20 percent. The Bush tax cuts will be repealed, and death taxes reimposed.
– Two or three more liberal activists of the Ruth Bader Ginsberg-John Paul Stevens stripe will be named to the Supreme Court. U.S. district and appellate courts will be stacked with “progressives.”
– Special protections for homosexuals will be written into all civil rights laws, and gays and lesbians in the military will be invited to come out of the closet. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” will be dead.
– The homosexual marriages that state judges have forced California, Massachusetts and Connecticut to recognize, an Obama Congress or Obama court will require all 50 states to recognize.
– A “Freedom of Choice Act” nullifying all state restrictions on abortions will be enacted. America will become the most pro-abortion nation on earth.
– Affirmative action — hiring and promotions based on race, sex and sexual orientation until specified quotas are reached — will be rigorously enforced throughout the U.S. government and private sector.
– Universal health insurance will be enacted, covering legal and illegal immigrants, providing another powerful magnet for the world to come to America, if necessary by breaching her borders.
– A federal bailout of states and municipalities to keep state and local governments spending up could come in December or early next year.
– The first trillion-dollar deficit will be run in the first year of an Obama presidency. It will be the first of many.
Welcome to Obamaland! …..”
——————————————————————————–As Norman Mailer once described himself, I’m a conservative leftist…liberal,progressive, with libertarian instincts lying just under the surface.
I would say only about half of Buchanan’s “horrors” will likely happen.I would like to see a higher rate for the top 5% wage earners.Ditto having a Social Sec. tax paid by all wage earners, rather than the flat SS cap existing now.The “Freedom of Choice Act” will not happen. Abortions should not be a candy store-like option. They should be rare, safe, and legal.Even Obama’s health care plan would not be universal, except perhaps for children. See today’s NYT editorial on the McCain and Obama health plans, and why Obama’s is better.A revenue sharing stimulus to the states makes sense…with conditions like Medicaid savings.There would be, and should be, a more congenial environment for gays and lesbians, and there is nothing wrong with that.http://www.cannonruminations.blogspot.com/
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Thursday, October 16, 2008

some ruminations

Some ruminations_______________*The DN cover yesterday was super...McCain as the gunslinger coming out of the Last Chance Saloon.
**The Post's dark, twisted cartoonist Sean Delonas had a dark, twisted cartoon early this week. It has ACORN voter registrants at the mouth of the cave asking Osama and his terrorists group to register. It joins together the right-wing twisted, dark campaign against Obama, linking him to ACORN and Ayers radicals and alledged terrorists. Delones is probably the culprit that printed the Rensselaer ballots that had Barack Osama printed on them.***RealClearPoltics has Obama with a national average lead over McCain, 49% to 42%. This has not changed in two weeks.****Sandy Treadwell's tube ads attacking Kirstin Gillibrand are more negative than McCain's. Shame on Treadwell.*****The conservative leaders in Wash. are disasemmbling. Humorless David Frum was on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Mon. evening. He doesn't like her humorous take on events, and didn't like her dismissal of Paul Wolferwitz. Frum should get a life, and a sense of humor.
******CNN;s Nancy Grace is a legal witch. She has no soft core, inner or exterior. She tries legal cases on her show and disregards legal safequards. She has been drumbeating the Casey Anthony case in Orlando. Casey's the mother of 3 year Caylee, missing for 4 months. Grace wanted Casey charged and locked up months ago. Casey has now been charged with 1st degree murder and is locked up. I carry no water for Casey. What I see on the tube is a 22 year girl, immature, but not wacked out...articulate, not a babbling psycotic. Very rarely do mothers murder their child. It is against the female wiring. It happens, but usually with psychoic or manic bi-polar extremes. I've emailed Jerry Spence to consider going down there to help this girl. I would go down myself if I thought I could help. Yes, she may have killed her daughter. But more likely it was an accident, and the immature mother panicked. TOPO AND 11201 WEIGH IN ON THIS ONE.
*******Madonna is getting a divorce. Isn't that a kick in the head (hopefully not with Madonna's pistol heel shoes).Is it true that when she talked to ARod about Kabbalal, he thought she was talking about Polish sausage.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sarah Palin in Florida

Some ruminations______________
*I’m clueless on what a forensic auditor or forensic accountant is? Help me on this!
*Sara Palin(SP) has been roaming around Florida, shouting out how Obama wants to frighten seniors. SP has it wrong. McCain wants to privitize part of Social Security(SS), which will destroy the program. He wants to tax employer health benefits, and then hand back a $2500 or $5000 tax credit to buy health insurance on the open market.
But the Wall Street Journal revealed the hidden agenda in this proposal. And it was part of MSNBC Rachel Maddow’s analysis last night. McCain would only tax the income of an employee, and not the FICA, or SS, tax. This would generate far less revenue than the tax credits would cost. In order to make his health care proposal revenue neutral, he will have to cut Medicare and Medicaid by over $1 trillion in ten years.
Rachel had Florida Cong. Rep. (20CD) Debbie Wasserman Schultz on her show to describe how this would be a disaster to seniors. Schultz is a wickedly bright lady, but her hair style is frightening (to seniors and everyone).
*McCain/Palin are conducting a sludge campaign. They are using rhetoric that suggests that Obama is mysterious, supported by foreigners (Arabs), and is a terrorist in beliefs. It is a dispiciable gambit that can easily create a violent atmosphere. Obama should increase his security, hire his own security staff, rotate the Secret Service security, and reduce his appearances in open, outside venues.
McCain may get down and dirty this evening. If he does, Obama should use JFK’s line in 1960: “I carry a great deal of responsibility. I am the only individual standing between the White House and John McCain.”

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The case against McCain/Palin, Part 1

This is Obama/Biden’s election to lose. The electoral map is shrinking for McCain. The independents are beginning to move to Obama, and the Reagan Dems. are looking at their retirement funds and moving in the same direction.
Right now, it looks like the far West, Cal. ,Or., and Wa. are Obama’s (73 electoral votes). Add Minn.,Wi.,Mich, Pa Ny, Florida, and Va. and you have 202 electoral votes).That leaves only 68 votes to gain victory.
The problem for McCain is his inability to engage the bottom-up theory of economic rebirth. He can’t endorse a domestic Marshall Plan…a $300-400 billion program to rebuild our schools, infrastructure; and move to universal health care; and transform our energy infrastructure.
McCain’s image of the US is that of gated communities of the wealthy hiding from the demands of the bottom 80% of our population.
Yes, unfortunately both Obama and McCain have given support to, and voted for, the Peterson bailout. This bailout will create budgetary cuts that will not allow any progressive programs under an Obama Presidency. Obama will be politically impotent.
The strong current of change that is rippling through our communities will be stopped in Washington

Additional ruminations

Some ruminations_____________
*O.J. is found guilty. Good golly! He played football without a helmet.
*The bailout passed Congress. It’s a disgrace. Where is the $800 billion coming from? It will have to be borrowed…probably from China.Where does the fed. bailouts stop? Can any private corporation make strategic errors, and then ask Wash. to take the bad elements of the company.All of these supposed bad mortages have a tangible asset, the house. The investment houses are giving these houses a value of zero, or what is called “mark to market”. If the house can’t get anything today, it can still have a good value in the future.We need a domestic bailout. Andy Stern, pres. of SEIU, is calling for a $350 billion bailout for domestic programs….education, universal health care, infrastructure, and renewable energy.
*Novelist Erica Jong takes on Sara Palin:“Sarah Palin is a character out of Lewis Carroll. No one can translate that smile. She’s the Cheshire Cat.
She is the woman politician advertisers have been waiting for — all style and no substance. Full of confidence and full of beans, the walk of feminism without the talk. Nobody can object because there’s nothing to object to. Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro had ideas you could disagree with. But Sarah Palin is perky and inscrutable at once, you betcha. She talks. We listen but we have no idea what’s been said.
She is the female candidate of GOP dreams. She talks, she smiles, she flirts, she never opposes. She makes mistakes but nobody seems to care. We watch her lips go up, go down, go sideways. We watch her eyes glisten behind rimless glasses. The beauty pageant promoters removed her soul so it wouldn’t get in the way. How can we dismiss her or debate her? She’s a bubble. She’s fizz.”http://www.huffingtonpost.com/erica-jong/you-betcha-shes-doggone-c_b_131611.html

Palin ruminations

The young girl Sara Palin survived…did not make any really goofy comments.In that sense, she did alright.She answered in broad strokes, generalities, and tried to use her “hockey mom” demeanor to sway voters.But as liberal E.J. Dionne writes, “this hockey mom is on thin ice…”She is not qualified to be vp.We are facing the most dangerous period, perhaps in our history. McCain would be the oldest Pres. in history…Palin would be a heartbeat away from the Oval Office.In early 1960, Pres. Ike was asked at a press meet when was the last time he consulted, and listened, to VP Richard Nixon. Ike said he needed a week to think of the occasion.On what issue would McCain consult with Palin as VP?Biden kept his cool and did well. On a debate scorecard, he won.If that girl had accused me of “raising the white flag and surrendering (in Iraq morass)”, as she did to Biden and Obama, I would have converted her into moosemeat in front of 50 million viewers.Analyst Bob Beckel has it right when he said “she engaged in homespun platitudes, and repetitive inane comments..”