Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sarah Palin in Florida

Some ruminations______________
*I’m clueless on what a forensic auditor or forensic accountant is? Help me on this!
*Sara Palin(SP) has been roaming around Florida, shouting out how Obama wants to frighten seniors. SP has it wrong. McCain wants to privitize part of Social Security(SS), which will destroy the program. He wants to tax employer health benefits, and then hand back a $2500 or $5000 tax credit to buy health insurance on the open market.
But the Wall Street Journal revealed the hidden agenda in this proposal. And it was part of MSNBC Rachel Maddow’s analysis last night. McCain would only tax the income of an employee, and not the FICA, or SS, tax. This would generate far less revenue than the tax credits would cost. In order to make his health care proposal revenue neutral, he will have to cut Medicare and Medicaid by over $1 trillion in ten years.
Rachel had Florida Cong. Rep. (20CD) Debbie Wasserman Schultz on her show to describe how this would be a disaster to seniors. Schultz is a wickedly bright lady, but her hair style is frightening (to seniors and everyone).
*McCain/Palin are conducting a sludge campaign. They are using rhetoric that suggests that Obama is mysterious, supported by foreigners (Arabs), and is a terrorist in beliefs. It is a dispiciable gambit that can easily create a violent atmosphere. Obama should increase his security, hire his own security staff, rotate the Secret Service security, and reduce his appearances in open, outside venues.
McCain may get down and dirty this evening. If he does, Obama should use JFK’s line in 1960: “I carry a great deal of responsibility. I am the only individual standing between the White House and John McCain.”

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