Thursday, October 16, 2008

some ruminations

Some ruminations_______________*The DN cover yesterday was super...McCain as the gunslinger coming out of the Last Chance Saloon.
**The Post's dark, twisted cartoonist Sean Delonas had a dark, twisted cartoon early this week. It has ACORN voter registrants at the mouth of the cave asking Osama and his terrorists group to register. It joins together the right-wing twisted, dark campaign against Obama, linking him to ACORN and Ayers radicals and alledged terrorists. Delones is probably the culprit that printed the Rensselaer ballots that had Barack Osama printed on them.***RealClearPoltics has Obama with a national average lead over McCain, 49% to 42%. This has not changed in two weeks.****Sandy Treadwell's tube ads attacking Kirstin Gillibrand are more negative than McCain's. Shame on Treadwell.*****The conservative leaders in Wash. are disasemmbling. Humorless David Frum was on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Mon. evening. He doesn't like her humorous take on events, and didn't like her dismissal of Paul Wolferwitz. Frum should get a life, and a sense of humor.
******CNN;s Nancy Grace is a legal witch. She has no soft core, inner or exterior. She tries legal cases on her show and disregards legal safequards. She has been drumbeating the Casey Anthony case in Orlando. Casey's the mother of 3 year Caylee, missing for 4 months. Grace wanted Casey charged and locked up months ago. Casey has now been charged with 1st degree murder and is locked up. I carry no water for Casey. What I see on the tube is a 22 year girl, immature, but not wacked out...articulate, not a babbling psycotic. Very rarely do mothers murder their child. It is against the female wiring. It happens, but usually with psychoic or manic bi-polar extremes. I've emailed Jerry Spence to consider going down there to help this girl. I would go down myself if I thought I could help. Yes, she may have killed her daughter. But more likely it was an accident, and the immature mother panicked. TOPO AND 11201 WEIGH IN ON THIS ONE.
*******Madonna is getting a divorce. Isn't that a kick in the head (hopefully not with Madonna's pistol heel shoes).Is it true that when she talked to ARod about Kabbalal, he thought she was talking about Polish sausage.

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