Sunday, November 7, 2010

The 65+ voters were 23% of the total last Tuesday. And they went GOP by a wide margin.

The 65+ voters were 23% of the total last Tuesday. And they went GOP by a wide margin.
And it is all about Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act (ACT).

The older voters have health insurance,Medicare mostly.
And the 30 second attack ads against the House Dems. created fear,misinformation,and motivation for these voters to vote.

The losing Bluedog up here in Sarataga Springs,Scott Murphy, was hit savagely with the ad "He voted to cut Medicare by $500 billion..."

Of course, the ad. was misleading because the ACT,if fully implemented, would reduce Medicare cost increases by $500 billion over 10 years...or $50 billion yearly. Not a big amount,easily doable just by eliminating waste and fraud,and would make Medicare a stronger program.

But the 65+ voters have no interest in having Medicare "cut" to provided insurance to the "others"..the poor,younger,and largely minority Medicaid recepients.

Now the GOP in the House will likely pass H.R.1,in January,repealing ACT totally. Harry Reid and the Senate Dems. will bury it.

The House GOP will then attack ACT with a 1000 cuts...hold weekly hearings on all aspects of the bill;cut funding;subpoena HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to appear in the House;and will force a shutdown of the government, if required.

Meanwhile, the GOP governors and AG's will work at the state levels to undercut ACA and bury it.

The AG's will persue the ACA legal angles in the courts.

And this ACA will be a major issue in the 2012 campaigns.

There are many good aspects to ACA,but it is destroying civility and any small chance of bipartisanship in DC.

The tragedy is that if ACA goes down completely, major health care and insurance reform will not come around for 50 years.

Decision,Decisions, all day long. George Bush semi-memoir Decision Points will hit the bookstores this week

Decision,Decisions, all day long. George Bush semi-memoir Decision Points will hit the bookstores this week.

(Decisions, decisions, decisions all day long
Will my decisions work out right or wrong
The,liberals,and Olbermann don’t like anything I do-o-o
Laura seems to feel the same way too

Worries, worries pile up on my head
Woe is me I should have stayed in bed
Can’t get the the book advance that the Clintons got,
my decisions ain’t been so go-o-ood
My legacy is just ain’t swingin’ like it shou-ou-ould

Decisions, decisions, decisions
They’re all on account-a my lovin' you all the way I do
Problems, problems, pro-o-o-o-blems
They wouldn’t have been solved until I’m sure of you-o-ou
You can solve my problems with by buying my book;that’s tru-u-e

Problems, problems, problems all day long

FADE: Problems, problems, problems all day long "
Adopted from the Everly Brothers, Problems,Problems All Day Long


Pres. George Bush is reappearing.
He,and his father, threw out a baseball pitch at the Ranger Stadium during the World Series.
One late night comedian suggested that Bush sold his interest in the Rangers a decade ago,and it took that long for the Rangers to recover.

I don't think the sales will be high on this book. Could be wrong.
I never liked the Bush family..too Texas,too drenched in oil.

Bush writes about how he got to feeling that Cheney was getting too much media attention,and the public was beginning to feel Cheney was too powerful. And Bush explored with Cheney the possibility of not being on the ticket in 2004.
Another comedian suggested that Cheney told the POTUS that I will get back to you on that.

Bush writes that his biggest disappointment was not privitizing Social Security. In short, not being able to give Wall Street and the hedge funds billions of dollars in new retirement money.
Is he serious?

Not disappointment in 9/11 happening;not in stopping the Wall Street financial meltdown;not in invading Iraq; not in downplaying Afgan.;and not in failing to capture Osama.

It will take decades for historians to make a final decision on Bush 2 legacy. I don't believe it will be favorable.

In a satirial look at Bush's decisions, Vanity Fair's Craig Brown outlines Bush's rules for decisionmaking:

1.Leap before you look
2.Never skate on thin water
3.Stare hard at a map and you'll see yourself waving back.
4.A big deal is no big deal
5.Mind up how I may made
6.Always do what your daddy torture.