Saturday, April 19, 2014

Clinton’s favorability rating has hit a six-year low, according to a new Fox News poll.)

(Clinton’s favorability rating has hit a six-year low, according to a new Fox News poll.)
HRC will not run for POTUS 2016.
In any case, no potential candidate will jump in until the Nov. mid-terms are completed.
Methinks the Clintons' daughter, Chelsea, will oppose her mother running, arguing that the campaign will be very toxic, vicious, and exhausting.
The Clintons have lived in the White House; and all three likely call the WH and Capital buildings a giant political sinkhole.
The argument that HRC will break the glass ceiling if she becomes POTUS is historically mushy.
Woodrow Wilson's second wife, Edith, became the defacto (not constitutional) POTUS when WIlson was incapacitated by a severe stroke.
She kept all visitors away, including Cabinet members.
She controlled the paper flow, and actually made decisions on what her hubby should see and sign.
The GOP national committee has already compiled a negative notebook on HRC; a file that would be J. Edgar Hoover's wet dream.
There is a long history of HRC's public career; and possibly the most damaging would be her administrative style.
In 1993, Bill wanted a health care reform bill and gave HRC the charge to develop the plan.
She ignored Congress, worked secretly behind closed doors, and used the wonkish consultant Ira Magaziner to produce a convoluted, complex plan that put heavy emphasis on HMOs.
HRC had been captured by the HMO interests.
HRC opened the closed conference door; took the plan to Congress; and dropped it on the legislatures' desks. GOP Senate leader Bob Dole pronounced it DOA.
But more importantly, the 1994 mid-term election saw the GOP take control of the House, with the HRC health plan a major issue.
With the House victory, the then radical conservative firebrand Gingrich became Speaker.
The last six years of the Clinton presidency never recovered.