Saturday, August 28, 2010

"The best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world. "

That is a quote from George Bush's 2nd Inaugural Address.
Links below have the address and video of same.

The address is the strongest outline of the neo-conservative belief in the unlimited US power..unlimited to promote "democracy",engage in long military wars if necessary,and to engage in a world wide,long, and unending struggle.

It was a speech to justify the preemptive invasion of Iraq.
None of the pr justifications for the invasion were valid (i.e Saddam's possession of wmd's). But the Bush/Cheney neo-cons could justify it through the "democracy" crusade.

POTUS Obama will speak to us on Tuesday,describing the "drawdown" of our engagement troops in Iraq.

I would like him to outline a conservative,realistic policy of limited engagement in the world.
I would like him to describe how converting a billion Muslims to Western style "democracy" is an unending call for perpetual military wars in many different places.
I would like him to describe how the US,faced with deficits,debt,overextended military,and domestic crises, will adopt a containment,limited,police action against a small criminal gang of al queda.

That is what I would like to him to say, but,somehow, I don't think that is the direction he will go.

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