Thursday, February 10, 2011

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that
Posted 3 days 2 hours ago by gecannonphd

1)The NY Post has a story this am that Hosni Mubarak is likely the richest man in the world...beating Gates and Buffet. It's all stuffed in Swiss secret accounts and real estate. We are talking perhaps $70 billion.
Power , for a short period of time, can provide a high. But hanging on for 30 years smacks of an addiction.
And the reason he has held on is that he is money greedy.
Fortune mag. has long speculated that Fidel Castro is also a billionaire.

2) The Super Bowl will always be with us, deep into the 22th century. It so drips with money, it's intoxicating.
I usually ignor pro football, although I watched some of the 3rd quarter.
The ads, at a million for 30 secs., appear to be less than funny.
Missed the half-time show, and the National Anthem, but I see there were some bad vibes.
I may start a blog site, Ending the Super Bowl (there may already be one),
Perhaps one idea to decrease the ferver for the violent game would be to have a half-time show where all the past NFL players who suffered concussions,and later brain damage, are brought out and lined up on the field.

3)I watched Bill O'Reilly's 12 minute interview with Obama. Obama converted mr. bill's bullying persona into a whimpering pool of jello.

4.It was all about Ronald Reagan's 100 birthday celebration. For several days, it was RR's world, and we just were allowed to live in it.
CSPAN had back to back book signings and interviews with Ron and Michael Reagan. Ron's was funny, and entertaining. He remained aloof from deep politics, and concentrated on the his father's light side, his youth, and all those swimmers he saved from drowning at Rock Lake in Ilinois.
Re the Alzheimer's controvesary, Ron explained that the early stages of the disease can start in the brain decades before the full-blown evidence is visible.

Michael got into politics, and attempted to make a case that RR"s legacy and conservative revolution still resonates. I don't agree.

Also as part of the RR celebration, Sarah Palin made another speech, for big bucks, in Cal. ,and I caught some of it. Most of the time, I have no idea what she is talking about. And her vocalisms and voice are grating.
To even suggest she could be POTUS, brings back to mind the line (perhaps from Mort Sahl), that we have gone from Tom Jefferson,George Washington,Adams etc. to Palin. Darwin was wrong.

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