Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Email to Donald Trump

“Mr. Trump, The Donald if I may.
I understand you answer your emails personally; and hope that is the case with mine.
I want to join your crusade;your Presidental campaign.
I will volunteer my services ,go anywhere, and even buy Trump chocolates at Macys. If I wore ties, I’d also buy some of your ties at Macys.

I like your idea of building a $100 million ballroom in the White House. It will be the grandest display of wealth,splendor,hubris and greed ever. It will make Jackie's remake of the WH look like children's play. I will even help to build the ballroom, lifting those bricks,plastering the walls.

A new Gallop poll has 43% of respondents saying they are not sure where you were born. I say that is fuddle duddle. Release your birth certificate, the long form. That will keep those unbelievers quiet.

And stay with your claim that Obama's birth place is still unknown, and don't be distracted just because he released his long form birth certificate this morning.
Is it forged?
And why isn't his father's name on the certificate?

Is it because Bill Ayers is his father?
Ayers can fake his age easily; and if Ayers is Obama's father, that would explain why he likely ghostwrote Obama's Dreams of My Father.

I will gladly be your investigator on these issues.
I will go to Hawaii (can I stay in your Trump Hotel on the islands?)
Where are your Trump hotels over there?
Do they have Trump labeled towels?
Can I bring one or two back?

I will go to Columbia U. and Harvard and demand to see Obama's admission records and school reports.
Your yelling that Obama never attended college, and never left Kenya before the age of 40, is resonating with the voters. Or at least with me.

I will personally investigate Obama's claim that he is the Messiah, and doesn't need a birth certificate.

I don't care what the conservative talkingheads are calling you.
They can say you are a "tornado of noise and hair...that you are a malignant unembarrassable self-love machine."

Again,that is all fuddle duddle.

I can't wait to hear what these talkingheads say when, as POTUS, you go in and take Iraq's,Iran's and Libya's oil.

I would,however, urge you to agree to have Oprah redo your hair.

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