Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gov. Chris Christie will announce his POTUS run decision by Monday. Is this a joke?

Gov. Chris Christie will announce his POTUS run decision by Monday. Is this a joke?

NJ Governor Chris Christie will announce by Monday whether he will become a GOP POTUS candidate.
His speech at the Reagan Library Tuesday nite is a hit on YouTube. Link 1
The rightwing NY Post has a second editorial urging him to run. Link 2.
Heavy hitters like Nancy Reagan, Henry Kissinger and G.W. Bush are pushing him to enter.
Hidden money men are behind the curtain, like David Koch, of Koch Industries.
Koch is the power behind many rightwing, libertarian crusades throughout the country.

This big mo for Christie seems to reflect GOP establishment discontent with the existing GOP lineup.
Perry’s Marboro macho image has been tarnished.
Romney is too moderate, too embedded in the NE Rockefeller money nexis.

And Herman Cain has shot up into the top 3, top tier of the announced candidates.
Is the country ready for his 9-9-9 plan of economic survival? His Chileization (sp?) of Social Security?

Christie would be a terrible candidate, and a weak one to boot.
The man failed his Dale Carnegie's “How to win friends and influence people” introductory course.
The State of New Jersey has a Snookie reputation.
He is Catholic. No Catholic has ever been nominated by the GOP.
He is mean spirited, and seems to lack empathy.
And he is very overweight..a bad image among the influencial millennials.

As a progressive liberal, I would not support Christie under any scenario.
I would even go so far as support a boycott of Koch Industries’ products. Link 3.
I get my paper goods at the local dollar store.

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