Friday, January 31, 2014

Amanda Knox and the new guilty verdict

Amanda Knox was found guilty in a do over by the second highest Italian court.

In the earlier RedBlue blog, I had a good go round on this case with others, particularly with a blogger who believed Knox was guilty.

I have not changed my position on this.
I understand the new guilty verdict was garnered without going into all the evidence from the previous trial.

Knox can appeal to the Italian appeals court, which can take months or years.
This court may simply affirm yesterday's guilty decision.

After that Knox could appeal to the European Court of Justice, which can overturn the guilty verdict.

In any case, Knox should never return to Italy.
And our State Dept. should deny Italy's request for extradition in the future.
Knox has been tried 3 times, and this latest do over would constitute a violation of US double jeopardy guidelines.

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