Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dr. ooz is ozing us; or Dr. Oz is jamming us, so to speak.

Dr. ooz is ozing us; or Dr. Oz is jamming us, so to speak.

The celebrity doctor Dr. Oz was called to testify yesterday before a US Senate committee on his promotion of weight loss products.
The good doctor admitted that the natural products he has promoted lack scientific evidence to support the contention that quick weight loss will be the result.

Why should this surprise us?

Our system is consumer capitalism; and many celebrities are corporate shills, making big bucks as part of the system.

It's also important to have a realistic perspective on our power structure; and the 1950ies analysis by C. Wright Mills, in The Power Elite still resonates.

Mills describes three levels of power in the US: the corporate elite which dominates; the politicos in Congress, the White House and active politicans at the state/local level comprises the 2nd level; and the bottom level is the mass public, the media, and the celebrities.

Dr. Oz is at the third low level; and we should be focusing on the top level power elite, the corporate/finance sector.

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