Sunday, September 28, 2008

The bailout and Newman

Some random ruminations------------------------------------
"Never buy anyhing electrical at a flea market" Life's Little Instruction Book, V. II, 662"Never wash a car, mow a yard, or select a Christmas tree after dark" Life's Little Instruction Book, V.II, 638.Or draft a $700 financial bailout after dark.It's still too early to know what is in this bailout draft. There's appears to be some Main St. safeguards, such as equity shares in the some financials, caps on CEO pay, and help on mortgage foreclosures. Kudos for those.
Is this the mother of all October political surprises? The Bush family needs forsenic accountants. Papa George allowed the S & L scandals, and the son has allowed this Wall Street scandal. What's a forensic accountant?
45% of the public oppose this bailout. The Main Street Republicans don't like it. Too much unchecked executive authority, too much money, and too little oversight. Could McCain throw a long pass, and vote against the bailout bill?
Those Congressional politicos look silly wandering around the halls, dazed from lack of sleep. Barney Frank should stop using the Barney name. It, and his personal demeaner, are too cartoonish. He looks like a lost high school algebra teacher. Our senior Sen. Schumer always likes the camera lights. Never stand between Schumer and a camera? You will be trambled.You call this a deliberate legislaive process. Agreeing to outlay up to a trillion $s w/o hearings?
Is Hank Paulson an authoritian, or what? He has little knowledge, and lots of contempt, for Congress. His wristwatch looks like a miniature Blackberry. By the way, Speaker Pelosi confiscated all the politicos' Blackberries.-------------------------The Glens Falls Post Star this am has a front page line "Actor dies". What a pitiful way to announce Paul Newman's passing on. Newman was a "Hollywood" island of morality in an entertainment sea of sleaze.He was also a politically active liberal...and there is nothing wrong with that.
I recall sometime last century when he visited Storrs, Ct., when my wife and myself were attending the UCt graduate school. He was campaigning for Yale's Joseph Duffy in the primary against Chris Dodd's father, Tom Dodd. It was the Vietnam war issue. I felt compelled to block my wife's eyes so she could not stare at Newman.
In memoriam to Newman, all of us should buy one of his family's food products or coffee.RIP, Paul.

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