Sunday, September 21, 2008

The US Senate

The US Senate DOES matter. And it could be be a very, very good year for progressive Dems.
Of the 35 Senate seats up in Nov., 23 are currently in GOP hands. Assuming the Dems hold all the 12 Dem. seats, they would only have to win 8 or 9 of the GOP seats to get a veto-proof majority. As an added bonus, it would allow the Dems to send Joe Lieberman into space.
The Udall cousins, Mark in Colorado and Tom in NM, should win. The Udalls are good politicians, and long standing members of the Mountain political establishment.
Mark Warner should win in Va.
Former NH Gov. Jeanne Shaheen has good progressive instincts and should beat that antidiluvian John Sununu.
Al Franken hopefully will send Norm Coleman packing in Minn.
The corrupt curmudgeon Ted Stevens should easily be retired by Mark Degich in Alaska. Has Sarah spoken out against Stevens?
We can all pray that that Okla. wierdo James Inhofe will be defeated by Andrew Rice.
GOP Senators Gordo Smith (Oregon) and Maine's Susan Collins are not without redeaming qualities. Gordo may lose to Jeff Meakley.
That's nine Senate seats that should go Dem. That would be more than enough to send Lieberman into that ethereal, vapid atmosphere reserved for cynical political opportunists.

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