Monday, February 16, 2009

The death penalty, fair trials, and Nancy (witch bitch) Grace

I’m opposed to the death penalty. I’m concerned about media,particularly cable sensationalism.I believe everyone is entitled to a fair trial.These are cosmic issues, and they’re all relevant in the Anthony family tragedy.
CNN’s Headline News Nancy Grace had extensive film coverage of last week’s Caylee Anthony’s memorial service. She also had home movies. I assume CNN bought the rights to these and the money will be used for Caylee’s mother’s (Casey) defense.
I have followed this case, and have posted earlier comments.
Grace has already declared Casey guilty. If there is a mistrial, Grace will be one of the reasons. It will be impossible for Casey to get any semblance of a fair trial. A change of venue will be necessary, but not helpful.
Grace has hammered Casey hard, and comes across as a witchy bitch. She has an obvious anti-Casey bias, and her guests are tilted in the same way
I have followed this case because I’m not convinced Casey murdered her daughter, certainly not intentionally. Mothers are not hardwired to do that. Prosecutors do not have to show a motive, but what would Casey’s motive have been? She doesn’t have a history of violence. She may be immature, but she does have a moral core, although undeveloped. She gave birth to Caylee, rather than aborting.
Her parents are giving Casey unconditional love. Dr. Phil has an interest (although it may be totally opportunistic). The forensic anthropogist for Fox’s Bones has been a member of Casey’s defense team. An opportunistic Texas bounty hunter put up early bail for Casey, but only to get close to her to gather information. At least 150 threats were received leading up to the memorial service, most likely motivated by witchy Grace’s sensationalism. The Casey family is living through a perfect emotional storm.
So many questions; so few answers.

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