Saturday, February 28, 2009

(President Obama said the end is in sight for the Iraq War)

Our soldiers performed at the highest level in Iraq, and there should be unconditional support for whatever services they need- medical, rehab. or anything else.
The geopolitical question is whether our invasion of Iraq was necessary, proper or legal. I vote NO.
The neo-cons posed the argument that Iraq's Hussein was a threat to the US, Israel and the oil-producing states in the Mideast. And 9/11 was allowed to happen to prepare the public for the invasion of Iraq.
Hussein was not a direct threat to us; posed a hyperthetical, perhaps existential, threat to Israel; and was contained within the Middle East.
The real reason for our Iraq invasion was oil. It was another oil war.Hussein was moving to freeze out the private international oil giants. He was opening oil contracts to French,Russian and other European companies. He was moving to trade oil in euros, instead of petrodollars.He was also a petty, psycho tyrant. The Iraqies deserved better.
It is illegal to go to war to control national resources.
It is now necessary to have Obama go further than his speech/announcement of yesterday. He needs to declare the goal of total separation of oil and the state.

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