Sunday, September 6, 2009

the american spectator- tyrell is a wacko

“He calls himself Barack Obama, but he could just as easily be Kcarab Amabo. Either way, his incoherent policies will end with the same oncoming train wreck. He claims he hails from Chicago, but could just as easily come from Ogacihc. Where the hell is Ogacihc, you ask: Perhaps it is somewhere in Kazakhstand or Kyrgystan. Again, it just depends on the way one looks at it. After four months of this bizarre dervish in the White House he looks like President Amabo from Ogacihc to us all at Am.Spec, and we shall not be surprised if he trades in his presidential limousine for a magic carpet with government-mandated airbags..”R. Emmett Tyrell Jr. the continuing crisis column , editor of The American Spectator.
Tyrell, the editor of the marginal conservative The American Spectator, is a wacko.I used to spell my name backwards in high school, and thought it was super cool. No one else did, including the teachers.But the current Am.Spec. has two good reads on the health care debate.One is by our state’s former LG, Dr. Betsy McCaughey.She dismisses the care reform plans as destructive state control.Her major reform is a Cato libertarian debit card issued to millions of the uninsured (like food stamp debit cards). Her price tag to cover millions is $20-25 billion yearly. But that is for a very high deductable policy. She also dismisses covering any illegals,without defining illegals. How many current illegals are on a pathway to citizenship? How many are children?
She is totally opposed to a public option, whether it’s a real one or a trigger-based phoney one.
I’m still perplexed on why Gov. Pataki, or Bruno and Shelly, did not order Betsy to sit down during Pataki’s state of the state.
The second article, by Philip Klein,”the matter with myths”, is a very good read.
He breaks down the 47 million uninsured; and realistically concludes that 10 million are the core that need near-term coverage.

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