Sunday, September 6, 2009

the ragin' cajun

The ragin’ cajun says “40 more years”
James Carville is always a good read. His new book “40 More Years:How the Democrats will Rule the Next Generation” is chock full of good ideas.
Carville dismisses the neo-cons as highly destructive to our system. The neo-cons’ Big Ideas, neo-conservatism and supply-side economics, are stupid.
Carville calls for Obama to frame and articulate the Real Deal. It would include the environment; energy independence; the economy ( inc. tax policy); education; and teen-age pregnancy.
What? Teen-age pregnancy ? Yes! And the Real Deal is not the theocratic nostrum of abstinence. Humans should abstain from destructive fundamentalism, not sex. That is my statement, not Carville’s.
Fundamentalism is highly destructive. Be careful of those who believe God is whispering in their ear.A good read on this is Michael Baigent, Racing Toward Armageddon.He argues that the three big religious movements all have fundamentalist wings, and these wings are directing the plane of state in many countries. Here, the wing controls the local GOP in many states. These radicals are converging , leading the world to Armageddon.
His best summary of the fundamentalist mindset is:
“..they are humanity’s greatest enemy. They leave no room for human fraility; for compassion; for forgiveness; or for creative freedom of thought. They want to return to darkness; bend belief rather than farsighted discovery; and are more dogmatic, and less tolerant; and are false more than true…”
See Jaycee Lee Dugard as the most recent media example of the fundamentalist mindset destructiveness.

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