Sunday, June 20, 2010

Monica Lewinsky saved Social Security. Yes, it's true. Goodness gracious.
In 1997, Pres. Bill Clinton and House GOP Speaker Newt(rightwing bomb thrower) Gingrich supposedly signed a secret agreement to destroy Social Security.
The "real deal",so to speak, was that Clinton would support Newt's idea of having individual savings accounts be allowed as a substitute,or alternative, to SS.
In short,the current SS would be converted into a voluntary program.
And it would have destroyed SS as we know it now.
This is the same program Bush 2 tried to ram through Congress for 4 years, unsuccessfully.
The Clinton-Gingrich pact dissolved when the Lewinsky scandal broke,and impeachment proceedings took center stage.
Thank you Monica for saving SS, at least for now.
The details of the Clinton-Gingrich pact can be found in the good read:
The Pact, by Steven Gillon.

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