Sunday, June 20, 2010


(Sharron Angle,(Nevada GOP senate candidate).. wants to abolish social security, the department of education and the income tax. Reid did his best to make Angle his opponent, spending heavily to undermine the more moderate GOP frontrunner, Sue Lowden. It seems to have worked. Angle is the perfect symbol of the Republican base in 2010: She's a fresh face; she enjoys grassroots support, and she wants to repeal the handiwork not just of Franklin Roosevelt, but of Theodore Roosevelt.)

The tea partyiers want to purge the RINO's from their party.
Up here in NY, the rightwing has already done that in the GOP.
Our Dem. governor candidate,Andrew Cuomo,son of strong liberal Mario Cuomo, doesn't need to cater to the Dem. progressive/liberal base. They have nowhere to go in November.

But the progressives are replicating the tea partiers. They want to purgh the DINOs (Democrats in name only).
The Democratic party is a broad coalition,and purghing DINOs and blue dogs is a recipe for defeat in November.

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