Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Blue Dogs, and particularily the Blue pups, are in the political fight of their lives.

FDR moved to expand the Supreme Court because the conservatives there were undercutting much of his new deal.
He attempted to purge the Southern Congressional barons from the party.
And unemployment remained stubbornly above 15%.
It's the economy,folks.
The GOP won 75 House seats in 1938, and that essentially halted the New Deal.

There is very little the POTUS,Dems.or the WH can do about the unemployment rate by Nov. It will remain,nationally, at 10%. Black American unemployment will remain at 15%,and Hispanic rates a little lower.

This will hurt in Nov.

There are 54 Blue Dog Dems. in the House,with about half Blue pups..those elected since 2006.
They are from marginal Dem. districts, or GOP dominant districts.
The fate of these Blue Dogs will depend on voter turnout, and the movement of the independents.
And the independents are discontended.

The GOP would like to flip the House. If they do, expect them to move to repeal Obamacare,and generally make the POTUS life miserable. But Obama will still have the veto to stop the most outrageous actions of the GOP.

Short of flipping the House,the GOP could pick up 30-40 House seats.

Little or nothing can be done about the continuation of the Great Recession by Nov.
The POTUS and his cadre in the WH missed their opportunity a year ago...a much greater stimulus was needed.

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