Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Former Sen. Alan Simpson tells a joke re ElRushbo and he talks to the governors

Ole' Al Simpson is a humorist,but he is also dangerous.
He is the co-chair of the POTUS's National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform ,along with Erskine Bowles,the businessman accountant-type.
Their commission,composed of 18, including 6 Dems.and 6 GOPers from Congress,and Andy Stern, must report their recommendations by Dec.
Congressional leaders suggest they will allow an up or down vote on the recommendations. Simpson knows Congress, and says that is huey,lol.

Simpson is obsessed by SS and believes it has an untenable future. Bowles is less of a flamethrower on SS.
They take the SS acturials and agree that by 2039, SS will only have enough to pay out 75% of required payment levels.
But that leaves time for tweaking...raising retirement age (talk is 70yrs);making SS payments based on need;raising the SS wage tax;using a value added tax to contribute to SS;taxing all income etc.
I don't trust Simpson on SS.
He has never liked the entitlement.

In their talk with the governers Sat. in Boston, they didn't mention two cost-cutting suggestions.

Ron Paul and Barney Frank are co-sponsoring a defense budget cut of $1 trillion over 10 years...$100b annually.
And some health care reformers suggest that our entire health care costs can be cut 50%..half of the health care costs are wasted.

Simpson and Bowles displayed very little real humor in their description of the deficit/debt crisis.

But at the governor's conference, Simpson told a ElRusbo joke.

"A guy is looking to buy an expensive car, tests it out, and comes back to the dealer to complain, 'This is an expensive car, but the radio doesn't work.' The dealer explains, 'No, no, this is a high-tech state of the art car radio. All you have to do is say what you want to hear. Say 'country music' and country music comes on. Say 'rock n' roll' and rock 'n roll comes on." The guy says, "Great, I'll take it." The guy is driving it off the lot and turns into the street when another motorist cuts him off. "JerK!' he mutters—and Rush Limbaugh comes on."

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