Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DADT will be repealed in a few hours. Now let's move on to more significant matters.
Posted 3 days 23 hours ago by gecannonphd

As of this moment, the Senate has voted to clear the deck for a vote this afternoon to repeal DADT.
This would be good for everyone.
This is what the majority of Americans want,the top military supports repeal, and the politicos are following the democratic wishes of the people,and the most conservative bureaucracy in our country,the military.

So let's get beyond this, and focus on more important issues.

The Hearst's cartoonist and writer David Horsey has a strong column describing why DADT and gay marriage are the right things to do,and will not cause a crisis in our country,our values,or our culture.

and Sen. McCain will vote against repeal.
Here's a good take on his position.

And Gary Trudeau's Doonesbury has a good few strips on McCain and DADT,starting with Dec. 12th.

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