Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"When Fat Cats TALK-Team O listens-at last" writes Charles Gasparino
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I'm a strong believer in "deep politics",the existence of hidden,and often dark, forces that really make policy outside the view of the public.

And Business Fox writer Charles Gasparino describes a recent example of the deep politics model.

In today's NY Post, he describes a secret meeting in NYC held at hedge funder John Levin's house.
Attending from the White House were Valerie Jarret and Austan Goolsbee,two close Obama advisors.
Jarret and Goolsbee wanted to assure the monied class that Obama is a friend,not an enemy.
And Jarret tells them that Obama's public opposition to extending the Bush tax cuts to the rich was only rhetorical redmeat to satisfy the Dem. liberal base. It was not what he really believed.

Say what?

Obama is a Bill Clinton triangulator,not a "give them hell" Harry Truman.

All of this is a bit disconcerning to the Dem. liberal/progressive base.

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