Thursday, August 16, 2012

“Bewitched, bothered and bewildered” ******************************************* We’re bewitched by the POTUS campaign, every 4 years. But for the 95% of the voters that have already decided, it is media Sturm und Drang , signifiying very little..a lot of smoke and mirrors. To the more cynical, the POTUS campaign is a “political carnival staged by the private corporations”, the not-so-hidden hand, deep politics of this electoral season. We’re bothered by the strident chorus of the 15-30 sec. media ads., concocted in the fertile brains of the well-paid “nattering nabobs of negativism”. And we are bewildered by the GOP clamor to voucherize Medicare. The vast majority of the population like Medicare…those on it and those looking to be on it. The GOP, and Paul Ryan, have been bought by the vast private insurance corporations. They don’t like the single-payer model of Medicare. They want those under 55 to have the “freedom” to shop for health insurance when they turn 65, using a voucher to search for an affordable policy. And the majority of the new 65ers could not afford the insurance premium. The attack being used now by the GOP is that Obama will cut $716 billion from Medicare, over ten years. That is misleading…a pants on fire,Pinocchio-type lie. Under Obamacare, the rise in Medicare costs over 10 years will be reduced, SAVING $50-70 billion yearly. And the savings will not be a cut from the Medicare trust fund.


TinCanMan said...

Lying, hatred and fear--it seems to be all the Republicans have.

gordon cannon said...

Thanks for your comment.
I've been off this blog site for awhile.
Always glad to see someone is reading some of my entries.
sorry for belated response, and thanks for viewing.