Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The WSJ’s chief editor , and VP, Paul Gigot, and the WSJ/NY Post op.ed. writer Peggy Noonan appeared on George Steph. Sunday Morning and ,in essence, said that picking Mr. Paul as VP will guarantee the ” rootinest, tootinest, fallootinest, shootinest” Fall campaign. They rhapsodized how PR is the ideal person to engage the economic issue; that PR in so many ways is the conservative’s political wet dream becoming reality. Howard Dean, also on the panel, responded that this was fiddle-faddle; fuddle duddle; and that the right-wing should dream on. Dean summed up the real enchilada, the cosmic issue, that will cost the R-R team in Florida, Pa. Ohio, NH etc.. It is Medicare. People like Medicare…the elderly and the young. It works, and with savings and tweaking, it will survive financially. PR wants to voucherize Medicare. Dean proclaimed that PR can call it a preimum, but it is a voucher. The PR plan is to have Medicare-eligibles receive a voucher, and then go into the private insurance market and get a policy. And with the GOP, fed. and state levels, generally opposing a health insurance exchange, the voucher holders couldn’t compare policies. PR, and his supply-side, Jack Kemp, Aynd Rand, Alan Greenspan group really support the privitization of just about everything that governments now provide..including education, health care, highways, ad infinitum.

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