(...ReelzChannel is getting back into the Kennedy family business, and once again likely to make some waves. In November, the network that aired the Emmy-winning 2011 miniseries "The Kennedys" will debut "JFK: The Smoking Gun," a new documentary offering the theory that John F. Kennedy was killed, not by Lee Harvey Oswald's rifle, but by the friendly-fire bullet of an inexperienced Secret Service agent. It is a theory that has been around awhile and has had a difficult track record and the news that Reelz is airing a show based on it has already ignited anger in this hotly disputed stretch of history...."

This alleged accidental shot from a SS agent in the followup car has been discredited long ago..the theory has no legs.
ReelzChannel , like O'Reilly, is working diligently to continue the coverup of the JFK murder conspiracy.

This movie is based on the Bonar Menninger book, Mortal Error.
Menninger's book is red meat for those who are in denial that there was a vast conspiracy...what ol' Jack Ruby labeled a high level coup d'├ętat.

My family has had difficulty finding me this weekend, as I have Thurston Clarke's masterpiece, JFK's Last Hundred Days, and sequestered myself away to read this gem; what historian Douglas Brinkley has called a book that sings: (""The three-months before President John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas were frenetic times: civil rights, Vietnam, Berlin and reelection were on his mind. Thurston Clarke's JFK's Last Hundred Days does a marvelous job of reliving Camelot's fragile promise. Clarke is a masterful storyteller and able researcher. This book sings. Highly recommended.")

Clarke takes no position on whether JFK died thru a conspiracy or thru a single demented Oswald.
But his book is a spell binding read because it provides details on what JFK was doing and thinking in the last 100 days of his life.

Clarke gives us a picture of how JFK was alienating a litany of very powerful power centers:
the military...as he rejected ground troops in Laos, Cuba, and Vietnam.

the Texas oil men...as he pushed for changes in the oil depletion allowance; and in the case of quasi-fascist H.L. Hunt, confronting the rise of right-wing radicalism.

the NE bankers....as he was experimenting with issuing direct money bills, bypassing the Federal Reserve and cutting into the interest that the banks were earning from the Treasury.

the clandestine wing of the CIA...as he was moving to cut funding for dirty tricks, drug experiments, and executive action "black bag" operations.
JFK's firing of Allen Dulles also threatened the vast spy operations of the former Nazi Reinhard Gehlen , who was brought into the CIA by Dulles.

the anti-Castro Cuban exiles.....as JFK was sounding out Castro on some type of accommodation. This was part of a detailed agenda to cool down the Cold War. Through private letters and secondary contacts, JFK was engaging Khrushchev in a dialogue for "peace". Khrushchev brought Castro to Moscow for a month; and during this stay, Kh. explained that Castro should seek an accommodation with the US.

NASA....as an element of JFK's "peace" agenda, he was exploring a joint space program with Khrushchev. This was a threat to the NASA scientists, and programmers, many of whom were former Hitler/Nazi scientists. Wernher von Braun was especially threatened by this JFK move for a joint space exploration with the USSR.

Clarke gives a vivid account of what JFK was working to do, without concluding that this agenda led to his murder. But one can speculate on this.

All of the powerful interests described above, with the addition of the Mafia godfathers and Jimmy Hoffa, were the constellation, configuration of interests that coalesced to decide that JFK had to be removed.

JFK's Last Hundred Days: The Transformation of a Man and the Emergence of a Great President

Mortal Error: The Shot That Killed JFK, A ballistics expert's astonishing discovery of the fatal bullet that Oswald did not fire