Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"For the last decade, the international community has tried diplomacy -- it hasn't worked," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told an audience at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee gala. "For six years the international community has applied sanctions -- that hasn't worked either. Israel has patiently waited for the international community to resolve this issue. We've waited for diplomacy to work, we've waited for sanctions to work. None of us can afford to wait much longer."
PM Netanyahu used words that leave no ambiguity.
Israel will stike Iran soon.
The DC war party, the neo-cons, the Israeli lobby, and the rightwing govt. in Israel will strike; and the Middle East will be in flames.
How will Egypt react? Will the current military junta, and the future Arab Brotherhood, keep the Camp David peace treaty in force? Not likely.
What about Turkey?
Will Hamas and Hezbollah fire their hundreds of rockets into Israel?
What about Russia and Putin? Russia does not need Iran's oil, but both nations have strong links, and agreements, on trade and investments. Putin now has been emboldened by his strong victory Sunday.
Putin has strong anti-US feelings; and he is an authoritarian.

What about China, which does have important energy ties with Iran?

And didn't Nostrodomas predict nuclear war in the Middle East?

Hang on to our hats!!!

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