Monday, March 5, 2012

Sen. John McCain made the rounds of the Sunday morning political shows.
He has just come back from Israel, and his comments are preparatory to Obama’s meeting with Israel’s PM Bibi today.
Bibi wants to force the US to bomb Iran before the Nov. election.
And the Israeli PM will tell Obama that Israel will go alone if the US refuses to join in.

The Senate, led by McCain, Joe Liberman, and Lindsey Graham, voted on an Iran resolution last week that would be a functional declaration of war…”.. thirty-five Senators (20 R’s and 15 Dems) introduced Senate Resolution 380 “regarding the importance of preventing the government of Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capability.”

McCain, Liberman and Graham are the 3 neo-conservative war hawk amigos.
They are the front line spokesmen for the DC war party.

Since most military analyses suggests that Israel does not have the bombs that could penatrate the Iranian underground bunkers, the US would have to do it.

The military realists also say that such an attack would delay Iran’s centrifuges spinning only temporarily. And the realists also argue that Iran would move rapidly to develop military nukes if it is attacked.

Obama said yesterday that we have Israel’s back…whatever that means.
Is that a covert signal that Israel should go ahead and attack Iran?

What would Iran do in the Middle East if it is attacked?
Wouldn’t it solidify the hardliners in Teheran?
It would help the apparent more hardliner, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
Khamenei now has a super majority in the Iranian Parliament, and will move to eliminate the position of the Presidency, now held by the apparent wacko Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The unintended consequences of an Israeli/US attack are hugh, and mainly negative.

A good read on containment of Iran’s nuclear ambiitions, rather than a new war, is in the current neo-liberal Washington Monthly:

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