Sunday, January 6, 2013

"..Rush Limbaugh had one question about Current TV's sale to Al Jazeera on Thursday: will female hosts Joy Behar and Jennifer Granholm have to wear burqas and veils now that the channel is owned by the Qatar-based news network? "Does this mean that Joy Behar and Jennifer Granholm are now going to have to wear burqas and veils over their faces?" Limbaugh wondered. "If they do it might help, actually, to raise audience levels. Burqas and veils on their faces—it could help! Never know." ****************** Who are ElRushbo's joke writers? He needs new ones!! It's unlikley that Al Jazeera will be keeping Behar and Granholm on as nighttime jibber jabbers. Time-Warner has already announced that the Al Jazeera and CurrentTV will not be part of their cable package in the future. The rumor is that Glenn Beck had some interest in CurrentTV purchase, but Al Gore wouldn't return his call. Could that be the hidden reason for ElRusbo's rant?

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