Tuesday, January 29, 2013

(U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer wants an apology from Beyonce for lip syncing at the inauguration. (NYP)) ************ Ah,fuhgeddaboudit, Sen. Chuck. (Brookynese for forget about it. There are actually four roadsigns of fuhgeddaboudit as one leaves Brooklyn: “The signs are at four locations: Gowanus Expressway approaching the Verazzano BQE approaching the Kosciuczko Bridge Belt Parkway near the Queens border, and Belt Parkway, ramp to the Verazzano” I’m sure the good Senator has seen the signs in his travels. It was Beyonce’s voice, from a studio recording the night before. It wasn’t as though she lip synced Streisand or Taylor Swift. If Sen. Chuck wants to worry about some social issue, he should worry about the First Lady’s new hairdo. But doesn’t it look marvelous, and gives her a younger look? Well, sure. But why did she go with this style? I sneak a look at the supermarket tabloids , and focus on the political related stories. Not that I believe them, of course, but they are often a good read. The latest Globe or Nat. Enquirer suggests that the First Lady*** now has a hair style replicating the attractive actress Kerry Washington. It is Kerry that had earlier juiced up Michelle’s jealous DNA. ** Jackie Kennedy hated the term First Lady, claiming it sounded like a race horse.

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