Thursday, January 31, 2013

NY State casino expansion

(The state’s plan to site three casinos in Upstate America is “evolving,” top lawmakers including Gov. Andrew Cuomo told the press yesterday. The state may approve more than three casinos, but the decision among prospective bidders will be made by a non-partisan Gaming Commission. (TU/BN)) ********** The case against increasing casinos in NY is compelling. The experience in other states support the anti-casino case. Gov. Cuomo stipulates that any new casinos must bring jobs to the casino region; and must increase overall economic activity. Casinos, on the whole, don’t do that. The jobs are low wage, often temporary, and do not dramatically increase economic activity. Casinos do change the quality of life in their communities, negatively. Listen to Speaker Silver’s argument against a casino in NYC. It’s all about a casino being within walking distance of workers, who can gamble on their lunch hour, and lose the rent money. Silver makes this argument for his political base in Manhattan, and NYC, but he is willing to ignor the same argument when he supports up state casinos. Gambling is addictive, and the casino slots are built to give the illusion of success, victory, and big payouts to players. But for the state to generate significant revenue from casinos, the players have to lose, and most of them do.

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