Thursday, March 14, 2013

As of this lunch time, there is no new Pope. (Blog yesterday before new Pope Francis I)

As of this lunch time, there is no new Pope.
The ritual, secrecy,opaqueness of the whole process has some limitations.
But then I was baptized a northern Baptist.
Baptists baptize by dunking the person; and I really thought the
minister at Rochester,NY Lake Ave. Baptist church was going to hold me
under water till the second coming.
Perhaps he didn’t like me
taking more than one cookie from the church classroom; or playing
basketball while he teaching an adult class in the church’s basement.

The Church’s rituals certainly attract attention. All the major networks have their big names in Vatican square.
But how much air pollution is generated by the black smoke after each undecided vote.
If the votes continue for days, or weeks, Vatican square will be as air polluted as Shanghai,China.
I know the Church likes tradition, but how about just tweeting to the world when a new Pope is decided?
Just imagine here that the new Pope, the infallible leader of 1.2
billion worldwide is being decided by 115 cardinals. That’s not very
Why not modernize the process by having the
cardinals decide on the final three; and then opening up it to on line;
phone balloting by all the Catholics in the world.
Or the final 3 could appear on Idle, the X Factor, or the Voice.
The three finalists would perform a Mass; and the best, or quickest performer could win.
And the panel of judges would then ask each of the three whether they
favored women being ordained as priests; eliminating male priestly
celibacy ; and perhaps some others.

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