Thursday, March 14, 2013

Congratulations Pope Francis I.

Catholic cardinals elected Jorge Mario Bergoglio, an Argentine, as the new pope. The 76-year-old Jesuit will take the name Francis. (NYT)
Here’s a profile. (National Catholic Reporter)
Congratulations Pope Francis I.
This certainly is a change from the Europe- and Italy-centric Popes in the Church’s history.
But let’s get serious here.
Pope Francis I has been a strong opponent of the progressive Argentina government and president (a lady-Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner).
He will not deviate from the Church’s dogma,tradition, on such important issues as contraception;women ordination as priests; priestly celibacy; gay rights, including marriage and adoption; and a long list of issues that divide the Vatican bureaucracy from the Catholics in the neighborhoods and streets of Buenos Aires and Brooklyn. and the Bronx.
Pope Francis often visited the barrios in Argentina, teeming with the poor, and mothers with many children.
But in these visits, and in his counseling, he has not promoted a rational approach to childbearing, esp. contraception.
Expect the same ol’ same ol’ on these important issues.

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