Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Paul Ryan wants to repeal Obamacare! The guy is persistent, and consistent. But he needs to get a life!

Paul Ryan wants to repeal Obamacare! The guy is persistent, and consistent. But he needs to get a life!
(“..Second, health care. Our budget repeals the president’s health-care law and replaces it with patient-centered reforms. It also protects and strengthens Medicare…Starting in 2024, we’ll offer eligible seniors a range of insurance plans from which they can choose—including traditional Medicare—and help them pay the premiums.
Third, welfare reform. After the welfare reforms of 1996, child poverty fell by double digits. This budget extends those reforms to other federal aid programs. It gives states flexibility so they can tailor programs like Medicaid and food stamps to their people’s needs….”)
“You are snarky. Stop and be nice-you look ugly when you speak like that..” Take that, Mr. Ryan!
Meghan Lemery, Mean Girls:How to Use Girlpower for Good, Not Evil” Saratoga Today, Week of March 8-14th, 2013.
Paul Ryan, the House Budget Chair, has unveiled the House GOP budget for 2013-2023.
It is a right-wing, libertarian Ayn Rand budget that is DOA with Dems.
Ryan wants to repeal Obamacare! He never quits, even after the SCOTUS majority declared it constitutional.
He wants to begin vocherizing Medicare by 2024, while still claiming that the current single-payer Medicare will be one of several options.
But of course, offering other private insurance options will begin the death spiral of traditional Medicare.
He wants to bloc grant Medicaid (totally), and numerous other social safety net programs. And the block grants will be much lower in total dollars than these various programs are currently getting.
He, and the far right-wing, know what they are doing.
Block granting these programs to numerous GOP, far right, governors and legislatures will unravel our already fragile safety net.
And Mr. Ryan wants to give the top 5% of income/wealth owners more tax relief.

Humorist Andy Borowitz tells us that Ryan’s budget was just endorsed by Ayn Rand:
(..Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) was jubilant today after his newly unveiled budget plan picked up a key endorsement from the novelist Ayn Rand.
It was a rare public utterance for the late Ms. Rand, who has been damned to eternal torment in Satan’s lake of fire since 1982…”

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