Thursday, April 18, 2013

As we approach the 50th commemoration of the JFK assassination, I would ask what should be done now?

 As we approach the 50th commemoration of the JFK assassination, I would ask  what should be done now?

I would favor a federal special prosecutor be appointed, with subpena power, and the ability to depose witnesses; and then the findings be presented to a grand jury.
The special prosecutor would have perhaps two years to gather all the evidence of the research community; and from the declassified files.
There is no statue of limitation on the capital murder of a federal employee (a President).

All files related to the Dallas murder should be de-classified; released to the public.

There should be a citizen's petition to local district attorney offices....likely at the Dallas level, but also at any relevant district attorney office.

The 1976-79 Select House Committee on Political Assassinations concluded that JFK was killed through a conspiracy, likely coordinated by the Mafia godfathers-Marcello, Trafficanti, and Giacana . The Committee sent their results to the Justice Dept.; and it appears that all this documentation got swallowed in the bowels of the Justice bureaucracy.

The Special Prosecutor should also have a mandate/charge to gather all the evidence on the murder of RFK. His murder was also a conspiracy.
My fellow graduate school friend, the late Phillip Melanson, did enormous important research on the RFK murder. His UMass RFK Assassination library is a treasure of information.
Sirhan is alive in prison; and has been petitioning for a new trial.
He should have a new trial.

The Special Prosecutor should also have a mandate on the investigation of the MLK Jr. assassination.

For those who cannot get to Dallas for the 50th anniversay of the murder, an alternative would be to go to the DC Vietnam Veterans' Wall, and have a moment of silence at 12:30 pm, central, the time of JFK's murder.

The historical evidence is compelling that JFK would not have, never have, approved the sending of 500K troops to Nam.

After visiting the Wall, one can go to JFK's grave and pose for another moment of silence.

Virtual JFK: Vietnam If Kennedy Had Lived

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