Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bush 43′s Library will be dedicated today.

Bush 43′s Library will be dedicated today.
“Visitors will first be led through exhibits about some of the issues Bush had hoped to work on at the start of his time in office, including education and tax cuts. Then, the former first lady said, “you turn the corner and there’s the huge beam from the World Trade Center standing in the middle of a memorial to everyone who died on Sept. 11.”
Interactive exhibits on the war with Iraq, Hurricane Katrina and the economic downturn at the end of Bush’s administration, give visitors the chance to vote on what they would have done — and then watch videos of the former president explaining his decisions. It’s called “Decision Points Theater,” .
to those of other presidents. It is the most expensive of them all, at $250 million. Private funds paid for the construction, but taxpayers pay for the operation of presidential libraries. , “the National Archives expects to spend $68.7 million in administration at the presidential libraries in 2013.”
In most cases, our presidential libraries serve ego displacement…as a substitute for NOT being qualified to be carved on Mt. Rushmore.
The libraries are gold mines for researchers; and can be locus for POTUS directed projects and research programs.
But the building of these monuments are too expensive.
The $69 annual fed. money is a speck on the fed. budget windshield. No problem there.
It is the construction of these symbols of presidential power that is corrupting.
The hidden politics involved, never to be known, is how presidential decisions are made to satisfy future donors to these libraries.
Another issue is how many annual visitors tour these libraries, scattered all over the country?
Would it have been better, for research and public touring, to cluster all the POTUS libraries together in DC?
Apparently Cheney and Rummy will not attend the dedication.
Since Cheney was the power behind the oval desk, he should be there.
Karl Rove will not be there.
Rove was often called Bush 43′s “brain”,which perhaps calls into question all the brain research recently that tells us that the 3 pound brain’s neurons, dendrites, synapses are constantly dying and giving rebirth.
Bush 43 often called Rove “turd blossom”…so there seems to be confusion on the location of the brain.
Will these 5 current/former POTUSes attend the 50th commemoration of the JFK murder/conspiracy in Dallas in Nov.?
Right, and Justin Bieber is an adult.

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