Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 4th ruminations-part 2

July 4th ruminations-part 2______________________
If Obama becomes President, he should call for the transformation of our political institutions...the audacity of hope.
The Presidency should be one 6 yr. term, with voters voting on whether to expand the term for 2 more years during the sixth year.
Eliminate the Electoral College, or replace it with a majority vote system. The latter would have states making up a majority of electoral votes to agree to vote for the national majority vote winner.
Public financiing of the President either/or public or private financing.
On primaries/caucuses, have rotating regional primaries; only primaries, no caucuses which are undemocratic; weekend and online voting; winner take all; and no superdelegates.
The House of Reps. should be 4 year terms, arranged to run also during the Presidential election.
The Senate 2 per state should be changed, and based on population. R.I. could still have 2, but Tx, NY,Cal.,Fl. Pa would have at least 4, or 6 or more.
The Supreme Court justices should be term limited, one 6 year or 8 yr. term.

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