Monday, July 28, 2008

Yada, Yada, Watergate and Troopergate

Yada,Yada, Watergate and Troopergate***********************As the lovable Seinfeld characters would say, yada, yada, yada.Troopergate is much jabbering (yada,yada) about nothing.In case anyone missed it, Fred Dicker compares Troopergate to Watergate. On his radio program,Ch.6 news, The Post, and Arebetter's NY Now, Dicker is a legend in his own mind.When he looks in the mirror, he sees Woodward or Bernstein.
I'm a believer in the Watergate revisionist school. Watergate, itself, was a tempest in a teapot. Nixon was brought down by the revenge of the bureauratic nerds. Many of his actions treatened strong Wash. bureaucracies.And he should have burned the tapes.
Troopergate is a tempest in a teapot; a vindictive power play unworthy of adults. Spitzer broke the bipartisan entente between the Gov.'s Office and the GOP Senate Conference. He acted to aid the Dems in taking control of the Senate.
Joe Bruno, like others,was abusing the use of state aircraft. Spitzer apparently misused the State Police to gather very detailed info. on Bruno's travels. Having said this, the issue itself is overblown. The Albany political honchos have long misused state aircraft.
Spitzer appears to have had a temperment unsuited for the Governor's office. He covered himself in a cloak of an idealistic reformer, but had a vindictive elitist personality. He was a Type A personality functioning in a Type F Capitol environment. He likely used his Blackberry in the shower. Hopefully, he is getting good therapy in anger management; and, hopefully,his wife doesn't shoot him.

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