Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Supreme Court and Pres. election

"So little time, so little to do"Oscar Lavant"Sunshine on my shoulders amost always makes me high."John Denver________________If McCain wants to continue to use old age jokes, a Post writer used this one as a lead this am: "I'm so old, if I walked into an antique store, the salesman would keep me!"________________
Conservative Post op.ed. writer and National Review editor Rich Lowry writes that Supreme Ct. swing Justice Anthony Kennedy engages in "vaporous moralism".
His criticism is misplaced. It is Justices Scalia and Thomas , the two extremists, that engage in "vaporous moralism."
Their positions on Presidential power are extreme. Their rewriting of the Constitution through judical fiat is extreme. Scalia's recent statement that the Court's decision to stop the 2000 Florida recount saved the country is extreme and silly. Their recent opinion on 2nd Amendment gun rights is extreme and dangerous. Their opinions upholding Bush on 4th Amendment rights are extreme and dangerous.
A blogger has offered to give the conservatives the 2nd Amendment gun rights if they would give Americans back the 4th Amendment protections on search and seizure. The blogger doesn't believe the rightwing will accept the offer; and I agree.
There are mega issues in this Pres. election. Some suggest Obama can be a transforming leader-an FDR. He could also just be a pragmatist making marginal changes.
What is clear is that Obama (or McCain) will likely transform the Court. Two in the liberal bloc (Ginsberg and Stevens) will retire or die in the next 4 years. Obama or McCain can make the Court strongly liberal or conservative for a generation.
This is important enough for everyone to vote!
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