Thursday, July 3, 2008


Happy holiday weekend to all.*****ABC News has a story that flat screens are an enviromental timebomb. NF3 (nitrogen trifloride) is used in their manufacturing. NF3 is not counted in the Kyoto Treaty list of environmental gases. I never liked big flat screens myself. The tube should be a marginal existence in all our lives.*****Obama may refine his Iraq withdrawl timetable after visiting Iraq this month. It is a pattern of his to now move rapidly to the political center. The liberal grassroots are getting angry, including Arianna Huffington.
The times call for a transformational leader. Obama is evolving into a pedestrian opportunist.*****The reports say Madonna is worth $600 million and has no prenup with Richie. Is Madonna going through menopause? Is she ok?Her hubby may be a nice guy, but the divorce lawyers will be fighting for big bucks (they get 10-25% or more). What is the purpose in Madonna breaking up A Rod's marriage? Is it to show how immature the $295 million A Rod is? Is it to show Madonna's dominance? One could easily see how A Rod is guided by his genitals, rather than his head. But a 50 yr. woman is seldom guided by the same .What does Kabbalah doctrine say about all of this?
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