Friday, August 1, 2008

Digital tranistion

Environmental greens are saying it could be 30 million or more. That's the number of analog tvs that may end up in the landfills in Feb. next year when the digital replaces analog.
For those of us that still have analogs, and have a sinking feeling commercial TV is dumbing us down and numbing our brain cells, we may take our analogs and antennas to the back yard and hammer them into oblivion.
The feds are giving away $40 converter boxes, but to date, less than 30% of analog qualifiers have applied for them. There can be millions of analog households that line up at a Best Buy on Feb. 17 to buy a digital tv.
That's probably what the Bushies want. It will stimulate the economy.
Who really benefits from the digital transition. I understand that there will be over 5,000 new digital channels created. But they are all "stolen" already. The FCC and Congress stipulated that Big Media could get 3 additional channels for each license they already hold. The 5,000 new channels are all taken. Big Media got an estimated $85 billion present, for free.

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