Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hillary, Biden and the vp

Yes, Hillary should have been the choice for Obama. But, again, why would she want vp? She had more clout during Bill's Presidency than vp under Obama would give her.
The Clinton's will play nice this week, thru November. But their history is to do what serves the interests of the Clintons.
Hillary will survive an Obama loss, and will at least plan for 2012. But no human in recent history has wanted to go thru the primary/caucus torcher a second time. And the Dem. base always rejects any politico that tries a second time. Hillary may be different.
The Politico writes that McCain is seriously (?) looking at Colin Powell for vp. Don't believe that will happen. First, he is pro-choice on abortion. I hate the terms pro-choice and pro-life. As Sojorner founder James Wallis suggests, let's move beyond these awful terms. Nobody favors abortion. It should be be rare, safe, but legal under very limited conditions.
McCain will announce his vp in Dayton Ohio on one of his 20 houses. Bill Kristol suggests that Biden's pick increases Romney's chances slightly. McCain needs a vp with gravatis and debating experience.

I happen to believe that being here in Saratoga Springs on this bright , sunny Summer Sunday is better than being in Denver. As I play with the tube remote, I appears everyone is in Denver. There are more horses,more walking possibilites (with the stroll down Broadway), and less smog in Saratoga. And Mary Lou Whitney is here, not in Denver. And what has happened to her face? Did she have the same plastic surgeon as Kenny Rogers?
I also believe the "deep political system" is far more important than the party conventions. The political class is important, but they are water carriers for the power brokers operating within our deep political system.
It is the corporate state that is far more important. What's the name of the Dem. convention location, the Pepsi Arena? Pepsi needs more attention than Joe Biden.
Rudy Guiliani says that Obama NOT picking Hillary is a sign of weakness and fear. After all, Hillary got 18 million+ votes, half the total in the primaries/caucuses. Hillary would have been the logical choice, if she wanted it. Perhaps the Clintons told Obama there would be no interest.In addition, Michelle Obama was opposed to Hillary, and Obama's wife is a player with clout.
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