Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav, New Orleans, and the GOP

Gustav, New Orleans, and the GOP-----------------------------------------------I was once an intern with NY State. I was enticed to accept a position as Adm. Asst. to a Commissioner. The carrot held out to me to accept the post was the promise of a trip to The Big Easy. I accepted the post. The Commissioner lied about everything, except the trip.
I spent 3 glorious days in New Orleans, visiting Tulane U. and the French Quarter.
The Big Easy is worth preserving. Lots of history with the Big History. Even though the serious plotting of the JFK murder took place in New Orleans, the city is still worth preserving.
As I post this, the city may not survive. Gustav may throw history to the winds.
Bush may go to the Gulf Coast, as a symbolic gesture. McCain may also go, again as a symbolic move.
NO Mayor Nagin continues to appear as a mindless soul. Gov. Bobby Jindal appears with it.
The Katrina New Orleans planning is a good example of the neo-con. adversion to effective government. The neo-cons. want to control Wash,, but they don't want it to be effective. Someone suggested that if you had a choice of a competent, experienced neo-con administrator and an incompetent neo-con ideologue, the neo-cons have to appoint the incompetent neo-con. It would show people that government doesn't work, as Brownie and FEMAproved.

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