Sunday, August 31, 2008

Michael Moore says Gustav is from God to disrupt the GOP

Michael Moore says that Gustav's arrrival, and the resulting GOP convention turmoil, proves "there is a GOD."
GOD, in all his/her visibility, is likely apolitical. I can't imagine GOD being a neo-con or New Deal liberal. Perhaps a libertarian, but not a card carrying party member.
To understand the coming of Gustav, I would want to check the Bible's Revelations and Nostrodomus. There you will find earthquakes and hurricanes tearing up the Earth, and leading to the end times.
Gustav also proves there is an Al Gore and climate warming. The warming of the oceans, and the Gulf waters, are producing more severe storms. Gustav is ,as this is typed, perhaps the mother of all storms.
Gustav and climate warming are a national security issue. The Pentagon has published its' analysis of the national security danger with warming and costal storms forcing millions of evacutees moving to higher ground.
Gustav is a Scandinivian name meaning "god's staff". Perhaps Moore is right that Gustav is a part of God's army come to slay the GOP neo-cons.
Now Sarah Palin cannot stop Gustav, even being a member of the NRA and an expert moose hunter.


joey said...

Ditto on the bashing of St. Michael Moore, Pope Gore's CO2-and-methane-emitting patron saint of Propaganda.

He shouldn't go to Alaska, where one of the Palins may mistake him for a moose.

Joey Panto

joey said...

Can you do a short interview on Gustav and GW alarmism on my podcast on

email me on if so.

to be continued,