Today marks the 45th anniversary of RFK murder conspiracy.

It is armchair historical speculation on what RFK would have accomplished if he had not been murdered.
It is likely that he would have captured the Dem. nomination from Humphrey; and then taken enough white working class votes from the independent George Wallace to achieve victory over Nixon in '68.

RFK would have had the same responsibility that JFK had in 1960...the only person standing between the White House and Nixon.

RFK was only 43 in '68; and again, it is speculation on whether he would have been a good POTUS.
In pol. scientist James Barber's classic personality types, RFK would have been an active-positive POTUS.*

He likely would have negotiated an early end to the Nam war, saving over 25K American lives.
His thinking, stimulated by his two aides Walinsky and Edelman, was evolving ; and his approach to domestic issues would have been a blend of traditional liberalism and conservative elitism.

He would have used his Oval Office power to bring to justice the pond scum that murdered his brother, although the constellation of powerful groups(forces) would make his success problematic.

The three political murders of the 60ies, the Kennedy brothers and MLK Jr. were all right-wing conspiracies; and the result was to move our country to the political right.

Special prosecutors should be appointed to gather all the evidence in all three murders; and file capital murder, and accessory to murder charges against the pond scum.