Friday, May 21, 2010

Alpha males, nerds, 215 million sexually active women, 50 million unwanted pregnancies, and 25 million fewer abortions
CBS has just announced their prime time schedule for next year.
Charley Sheen, the alpha male, has signed for 2 more years (if he doesn’t go to jail).
And his show, 2 ½ Men, will stay on Mon. nites.
The show with the nerds, Big Bang Theory, will move to Thurs. And the CBS suits hope the viewers will follow the day change.
Sheen, as the alpha adolescent male who thinks with his genitals, instead of his brain, never changes. His take on female/male relationships remains so 20th century.
Sheldon and Leonard, the Big Bang nerds, caress their tech. toys, but can’t relate to females.
According to NY Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, the world needs more nerds, and fewer alpha males.
In todays column, he is writing from Africa, and talks about overpopulation.
He quotes the Guttmacher Institute that estimates that there are 215 sexually active women in the world who don’t want to get pregnant. But birth control is rejected;or not understood.
Kristof argues that birth control in the 3rd world could prevent 50 million unwanted pregnancies yearly, and 25 fewer abortions.
The rightwing evangelicals preach abstinence.
It doesn’t work.

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